Students Favourite Music to Play In Accommodation

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Now there is no doubt that here at we know a thing or too about jazz music, but what sort of music does the modern day student listen to?

Music Tastes of UK Students

There will be plenty of trending tracks on Youtube and Spotify that get the headlines, but we’re interested in the United Kingdom’s student population by area, to see what there favourite track is to listen to at home right now. We talked to 3 of the top University areas in the country to find out.

Sheffield Students

We interviewed students living inn the popular Sheffield area called Ecclesall Road, who talked about the sort of music they listen to in their accommodation:

When studying, we prefer to listen to dance tracks that are upbeat but fairly consistent, as this helps to gain momentum when working and getting tasks done. However when relaxing, we tend to prefer to listen to pop or classic hits, as we find them much more entertaining.

Sheffield is known for it’s student nightlife (see here) which keeps them occupied during hours not studying for their degrees.

London Students

In London the students tend to be much more on trend, with fashion and music being at the forefront of student life. They tended to prefer deep house and R&B styles of music at London Universities, such as UCL and Kings College.

Warwick Students

Warwick students tended to be much more focused on popular music and cheesy pop. This may be because that is the style preferred by the student union DJs, and so they have become used to it, potentially associating it with fun and partying. There were less people interested in modern dance styles of music at this University.

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