Liner Notes for All We Know

Stan Tracey albums

Captain Adventure
All We Know
The Stan Tracey Trio
Trio Records [CD] TR574

  • Perdido [6.13]
    Juan Tizol

  • Pannonica [5.47]
    Theloniou Monk

  • For All We Know [7.56]
    Sam M Lewis / J. Fred Coots

  • Little Rootie Tootie [9.45]
    Thelonious Monk

  • My Old Flame [9.19]
    Sam Coslow

  • See Meenah Latino [6.25]
    Stan Tracey

  • Willow Weep For Me [8.11]
    Ann Ronell

  • Great Times [4.54]
    Duke Ellington

  • I Can’t Get Started [5.13]
    Vernon Duke

  • Total Time [64.00]

  • Stan Tracey – piano

  • Andrew Cleyndert – double bass

  • Clark Tracey – drums

Recorded Live at Leighton Buzzard Theatre,
Leighton Buzzard, UK 26th November 2005

  • Sound,
    design and Photography: Andrew

  • Produced by: Andrew Cleyndert


    John Fordham Friday
    April 14, 2006 The Guardian
    – Stan Tracey, For All We Know (Trio)
    4 stars

    There are two Thelonious
    Monk tunes (Pannonica and Little Rootie Tootie) on this cracking live
    trio set recorded in the UK last November, with the 79-year-old Tracey
    showing his appreciation of Monk’s harmonic innovations and rhythmic
    double-takes, while displaying a lugubrious playfulness and lyrical
    tenderness of his own. Tracey’s jangly unaccompanied intro to Perdido,
    his off-handedly compassionate delivery of For All We Know (with Andy
    Cleyndert’s warm bass sound enfolding him), and the peremptory firebell
    sound of Little Rootie Tootie’s chords against Clark Tracey’s close-marking
    cymbals drive home the case for the pianist’s late-period work representing
    some of his most freewheeling playing. Tracey plays a tom-tom intro
    initially reminiscent of Max Roach’s for Sonny Rollins’s St Thomas
    before arriving in stealthy doodles on See Meenah Latino (the only
    original). Willow Weep for Me keeps trying to avoid its theme, and
    Duke Ellington’s swinger Great Times is a classic Tracey uptempo vehicle.
    One of the great British jazz stories rumbles triumphantly on.

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